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No passport needed with Dubai ‘smart bail’ system


DUBAI – Individuals involved in minor crimes will no longer need to use their passport as guarantee to post bail under Dubai’s new “Smart Bail” initiative.

Prosecutor General Ali Humaid Bin Khatem on Monday said the new initiative allows individuals to obtain electronic bail without surrendering their passport  or their guarantor’s passport to the office of the prosecution or the police.

An electronic order, however, will be issued and circulated to all ports banning the involved individuals from leaving the UAE.

Bin Khatem said the new initiative was rolled out in January at the Jebel Ali Police Station and that it will be implemented in police stations across Dubai “very soon”.

With the system in place, individuals involved in court cases will be able to renew their residency permits and passports, he said.

The Smart Bail system applies to individuals involved in misdemeanour cases of crimes such as bounce cheques, cursing or insulting, breach of trust, drinking alcohol, assault, petty embezzlements and thefts and other minor offences.

Bin Khatem said the Smart Bail acts as an electronic guarantee that the individual will attend investigation or trial.

He said it will also cut down on costs of managing passports, adding that authorities handle an average of 40,000 passports per year. GAD/Expat Media


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