An online appointment is needed to renew one's Philippine passport.


Walk-in applications for Philippine passport renewal in Dubai scrapped


DUBAI – Filipinos submitting passport renewal applications at the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai (PCG-Dubai) without first obtaining an online appointment will not be served beginning on April 10, according to the consulate.

In an advisory, the PCG-Dubai said those who require immediate renewal of their Philippine passports due to an emergency, a death in the family or medical reasons may email along with proof of the urgency so that they will be given priority.

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The consulate added that those exempted from securing an online passport appointment are household workers, minors aged 12 and below, senior citizens aged 60 and above, pregnant women and people of determination.

They can get priority passport renewal service by submitting their applications at the consulate’s Courtesy Lane section between 8am and 3:30pm.

E-passport application process

1. Secure an appointment via and print confirmation email

2. On date and time of appointment, proceed to passport processing cabin near the consulate gate.

3. Drop your original passport into the designated box indicating the time of your appointment. Wait for your name to be called by the consulate staff.

4. Proceed to the cashier and pay passport renewal fee.

5. Proceed to encoding area for photo and data capturing.

6. You may now wait for the release of your new passport, which can take up to three months. You can check the website for updates

7. In case your new passport is ready for collection, proceed to the passport releasing section and present your original receipt and old passport.

Passport renewal requirements

1. Confirmed online appointment
2. Personal appearance of applicant
3. Original old passport
4. Accomplished E-passport application form
5. Photocopy of passport data page and visa page (two copies)


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