3 in court for ‘locking up’ Dubai prostitute who jumped to her death


DUBAI – Three Uzbek men are on trial for allegedly causing the death of a prostitute whom they locked up in a hotel room in Al Qusais.

According to records, the trio had sex with the prostitute for Dh1,000 before they locked her up in a hotel room after she demanded a higher price during the December incident.

The Uzbeks allegedly beat up the woman, took her money totalling Dh2,300 and locked her in the room on the third floor of the hotel.

She attempted to escape by trying to jump out of the balcony but fell to her death.

“On-site investigations revealed that the prostitute fell to her death while trying to jump from one balcony to the another. She was found fully dressed and her clothes weren’t torn or ripped off,” a police officer testified.

“According to the forensic examiner, she had some knife cuts on her hands which may have been result of her fight with the trio in the room,” he told prosecutors.

One of the suspects was at the hotel lobby when police arrived at the scene.

During interrogation, the 31-year-old admitted that his two countrymen brought the woman to the hotel.

The two other suspects were arrested after their countryman asked them to come to the hotel.

Prosecutors have accused the trio of having paid sex and theft, and hold them liable for the woman’s death.

They pleaded not guilty to the charges when they showed up for trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday. The trial resumes on April 17. GAD/Expat Media


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