Munir Bhatti in Dubai.


Ex-Dubai resident to travel from Dubai to Moscow in jeep


DUBAI – A former Dubai resident is planning to travel 5,224 kilometres on a three-month road trip from Dubai to Moscow.

Canada-based Munir Bhatti, 63, is confident that he can do it by May 1. According to Google Maps, the trip is expected to take him a total of 62 driving hours on the quickest route to Moscow.

Munir Karim's trip
The Pakistan-born Bhatti has been cross-country driving since 2012 and has circled the globe in six years by travelling to 200 cities in more than 50 countries, including the UAE.

In March, he travelled up Ras Al Khaimah’s Jebel Al Jais mountains on a Kia truck that has been converted into a mobile home.

Munir Karim's trip
Here’s how that road trip rolled:

He has already driven through the US, Canada, Asia and parts of Europe, after being inspired on his first drive through Canada’s Rocky mountains.

He drove through remote highways for 64 days from Vancouver to Alaska with his wife Shamsa in their Suzuki Jimny.

Munir Karim's trip
Since then, the seasoned road traveller has put in more than 85,000 kilometres on the odometer, navigating through forests, deserts, jungles and other terrains.

Munir Karim's trip
He has also made quite a lot of trips to the emirates’ most interesting places.

Munir Karim's trip

He said that the best part about his trips was getting to know people from various cultures, religions and backgrounds. Here’s Karim in one of his trips to China’s Great Wall several years ago.

Munir Karim's trip
After the Dubai-Moscow drive, Karim wants to make his final trip in 2021 with a visit to Africa and South America.

After that, he said he wants to focus on his Canada-based charity, the Karim Foundation, which provides food and essentials to the homeless. GAD/Expat Media


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