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‘They locked me up and stole my wallet at knifepoint’: Saudi tourist in Dubai


DUBAI – A Saudi man on a visit in Dubai said that a man and two women lured him into a hotel room where they locked him up, beat him and then robbed him.

At the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday, the trio, all Nigerians, were accused of assault and robbery.

The court heard that the group used a photo of a blonde woman to lure the Saudi tourist, 21, for an erotic massage at a hotel room.

Believing that he was meeting a blonde masseuse, the Saudi man headed to the hotel room in Al Rifaa where a Nigerian woman, 26, answered the door.

Once inside the hotel room, another Nigerian woman, 27, and a Nigerian man, 37, allegedly ganged up on him and assaulted him before threatening him with a knife and taking his wallet that contained Dh1,200.

“Once I realised that the present woman was different than the one I had seen [in photo], I tried to leave. The other woman came out from the bathroom the man came from another room… they prevented me from leaving. They assaulted me, locked me up and stole my wallet at knifepoint,” the Saudi man told prosecutors.

He said that he cried for help, which alerted the hotel’s security guard who rushed to rescue him. The women fled, but the guard was able to restrain the Nigerian man and hand him over to police. The women were apprehended later.

Their case was referred to prosecutors who charged the women with prostitution and accused the Nigerian man of arranging clients for them.

In court, the women admitted to working as prostitutes but denied the charges of theft and illegal confinement. The Nigerian man also denied locking up the Saudi man and robbing him.

A policeman told prosecutors that during interrogation, one of the Nigerian women claimed that she invited the Saudi man for coffee at her hotel room but that the latter “tried to molest her”, forcing her friends to help her.

The trial resumes on March 26. DAJ/Expat Media


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