A tiny pistol seized by Dubai Police.


Tiny pistol, trojan Eiffel Tower seized in Dubai as smugglers get creative


DUBAI – Toys, gas cylinders and diapers are just some of the unusual things criminals have used to conceal drugs and other banned items they tried to smuggle into the UAE, according to the Dubai Police.

In one instance, smugglers hid 141 kg of heroin inside a container of toys, said Dubai Customs official Ahmad Jumaa Al Jamry.

Police also found 76 kg of cocaine hidden inside computer screens.

“They used smart and strange ways to smuggle drugs like when we foiled an attempt to smuggle 76 kg of cocaine inside computer screens or smuggling drugs in gas cylinders,” said Brigadier Ayoub Hassan of Dubai Police’s Anti-Narcotic Department.

Hassan said smugglers have been caught using clothes, generators, computer screens, baby diapers and even nuts to conceal banned items.

Police also seized a tiny pistol and knives hidden inside belts and an Eiffel Tower replica.

Most smuggling attempts were made via containers in sea vessels, police said. DAJ/Expat Media


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