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Armenian caught with cocaine at Palm Jumeirah hotel stands trial


DUBAI – A 38-year-old Armenian man has pleaded guilty to charges of illegal drug possession and consumption after he was caught with cocaine at a hotel on Palm Jumeirah.

Police seized from the Armenian merchant 10 pouches of cocaine in his possession. Police were alerted by an informant about the merchant’s illegal activity and obtained a search and arrest warrant.

He was spotted at the hotel lobby where policemen served the warrant. Upon inspection, police found two pouches of cocaine in the left pocket of his jacket.

His case was referred to prosecutors who accused his of possessing 10 pouches of cocaine weighing 113 grams.

At the Dubai Court of First Instance on Thursday, he pleaded guilty to the charges, but denied possessing 10 pouches of illegal drugs.

“I did not possess 10 pouches, but I only had two,” he told the court.

A police officer, however, testified that anti-narcotics policemen found more drugs in the merchant’s hotel room.

“Two pouches were found in his pocket. Then he accompanied us to his room, in which we found eight more pouches that had been wrapped up inside a small nylon sack. The sack was hidden inside the drawer. The pouches had been wrapped in a way that made them look like they were ready to be distributed,” he said, adding that police also seized bank notes in various currencies believed to have been the proceeds of drug sales.

The hearing resumes on March 22. DAJ/Expat Media


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