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Worst place in the world to be stuck in a traffic jam


DUBAI – For commuters and motorists on the UAE’s busier roads, peak hour commutes marred by traffic jams are a daily sacrifice. But if you think sitting through the Dubai-Sharjah traffic jam is the worst, think again.

While people in Dubai got stuck for a total of 29 hours in rush-hour traffic on average last year, this is actually much lower than what other people in the world have to endure, according to a recent study by traffic information provider Inrix.

Dubai traffic took 10 percent of the total time that drivers spent on their daytime drive, and 12 percent during peak hours. In Abu Dhabi, motorists and commuters only spent a total of 13 hours in traffic jams during peak hours last year.

Across the UAE, drivers spent a total of 24 hours sitting through peak-hour traffic, but this just put the UAE on the 21st spot out of more than 30 countries ranked for road congestion. More than 1,360 cities in 38 countries were analysed for the research.

So where is the worst place in the world to be stuck in a traffic jam? Los Angeles, according to Inrix. Motorists in the US city had to spend 102 hours in total in rush-hour traffic last year. Inrix said this is equivalent to losing $2,828 due to fuel wastage and other economic factors.

Second on the list were Moscow and New York, where motorists on average spent a total of 91 hours stuck in traffic jams last year.

We take a look at 10 of the most notorious cities with the worst traffic jams

Los Angeles: 102

Moscow: 91

New York City: 91

Sao Paulo: 86

San Francisco: 79

Bogota: 75

London: 74

Atlanta: 70

Paris: 69

Miami: 64

* hours spent in traffic jams


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