Modi said that the UAE has made huge strides in achieving happiness for its people, creating ministerial positions for happiness and the future.


 What Modi has to say during UAE trip


DUBAI – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi commended the UAE’s contribution to comprehensive development across the globe and highlighted India’s efforts, in a keynote speech delivered at the World Government Summit on Sunday.


Modi said that the UAE has translated research and development works into innovative projects, such as Future Accelerators project, which position the UAE as the perfect place to host such summits.

He also commended the UAE’s efforts in organising such summit considered as one of the leading summits that contribute to the comprehensive development across the globe.

“I was delighted to receive the invitation to attend the WGS as a guest of honour, and this is a source of honour not only for me but also for the 1.25 billion Indians. I convey the best regards of the Indian people,” he said.

“This is my second visit to the UAE and I am so happy to be among this distinguished gathering. The UAE has harnessed technology to achieve sustainable development, and it managed to create a unique economic miracle that we rarely see in the world,” he said.

The Indian prime minister also said that behind the remarkable boom of the UAE development, a clear vision supported by cutting edge technologies, along with a passion to take the lead, which can be easily seen through the Museum of the Future in Dubai.

Modi highlighted the transformation journey that humanity took thousands of years, and how digital transformation took place in just few years, where some developing countries failed to take advantage of this progress to eliminate poverty; but instead they spent more on armament and conflicts.

He also underlined the need that the world should start working together to ban the use of technology in inciting conflicts, and depletion of natural resources. Modi said India has succeeded in presenting a world model for peaceful coexistence with nature.

Modi said that the UAE has made huge strides in achieving happiness for its people, creating ministerial positions for happiness and the future.

The Indian PM also said that empowering women, government transparency and world collaboration will enable us to face challenges such as poverty, unemployment and Illiteracy.

He said that his country has developed a unified ID system and linked it with mobile phones and bank accounts for millions of people, making it the largest project of its kind in the world and helped achieve government savings of $8 billion.

According to Modi, India managed to became a leading country in launching development projects thanks to its human wealth, where youth under 35 years represent 65 per cent of its population.

He also said that his country didn’t ignore the importance of agriculture as it aims to double the income of farmers 200 per cent by 2022, and help them deliver their products in a faster and more efficient way.

India’s prime minister also highlighted his country’s space programme, where it launched its 100th satellites last year, and manged to slash the cost as it Mars spaceship trip cost less than production of a Hollywood movie.

“We missed the industrial revolution but we joined the digital revolution employing our own resources, and we became a leading nation in nanotechnology, satellite technology, and IT among many other sciences,” he said.

India is keen to share its experience in achieving scientific and technological development with more than 106 countries, through executing Capacity Building Scheme, as well as the launch of the South East Asian Satellite, Modi explained.

The Indian dignitary also said that his country managed over the last 25 years to reduce mortality rate among pregnant women using advanced medical techniques, and has harnessed technology across various industries to improve the life of its people and humanity in general.

In his closing remarks, Modi called upon world leaders to work together on projects that link education with technology with the common goal of eliminating poverty. GAD/Expat Media


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