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Dh2.2m used car deal gone wrong: Pakistani man lands in court


DUBAI – Trial continued on Monday (February 12) for a 40-year-old Pakistani man accused of using fake documents to swindle Dh2.2 million from a Jordanian man.

The Jordanian, who works as a manager in Dubai, said he met the Pakistani salesman at a used car showroom and bought three sports utility vehicles worth Dh300,000.

The salesman introduced the Jordanian to the owner of the car showroom, and the latter signed a deal to buy 43 used cars worth Dh2.2 million.

The Jordanian ran short of Dh135,000 when he paid the car showroom owner for the vehicles, but he was still given the registration papers for all the cars.

“After the Pakistani handed me the papers, I went to the bank to withdraw the remainder of the payment. When I returned to their office, they had gone,” he told the Dubai court on Monday.

His suspicions were confirmed when he headed to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) office to process the transfer of ownership for the vehicles and was told that the registration papers given to him were fake.

He reported the matter to the police, who was able to arrest the Pakistani salesman. The car showroom owner remains at large.

At the Dubai court, the salesman denied forging the documents or embezzling money from the Jordanian.

“I printed those papers, but I didn’t forge the RTA papers, or embezzle the money,” he said.

The court is expected to issue a verdict on February 26. DAJ/Expat Media


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