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Fake passport lands Dubai salesman in jail


DUBAI – A 35-year-old Afghan salesman has been jailed after he was caught using a fake passport.

The Afghan man was caught in a random inspection in Bur Dubai. When a police officer asked him for identification, he handed a Pakistani passport.

Upon inspection, the officer noticed that the passport was fake. A forensic examination also revealed that entry and exit stamps on the passport were forged, and the bearer’s photograph was tampered with.

In court on Thursday, the judge found the Afghan man guilty of forgery and of using a forged passport.

He was sentenced to three months in jail followed by deportation.

In his defence, the Afghan man said that he arranged for the passport in order to travel to Saudi Arabia as his original passport was confiscated by the Dubai Courts since 2011.

He said that the passport was sent to him from Pakistan through a courier service and that he was not aware that it was fake.

“I contacted a Pakistani person, who promised to help me. I paid him Dh1,000 to arrange for me a Pakistani passport. He sent me the passport through a courier and I kept it with me until I was arrested,” he said. JMYDS/Expat Media


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