New Friday brunches to try in Dubai

A Latin American party

Colorful banderitas hung above the pool area, while diners enjoyed a leisurely brunch in cabanas or outdoor tables. A DJ played party beats, while a group gathered next to the pool bar where a blindfolded female diner tried her hand at the pinata. After several hits, the colourful paper mache broke apart, spreading candy on the floor. Onlookers cheered in delight.

Expat Media tried the new brunch menu at Vida Downtown’s Urban Picnic Brunch this Friday and was taken on a Latin American party that is perfect if you’re out with friends, or just looking to hang out with your special someone.

Much of the brunch has been taken outdoors, unlike last year’s spread, so we found ourselves enjoying the cooler outdoors to grab cold drinks, as well as some freshly grilled meats and seafood.  There were roast ribeye, jumbo prawns, braised beef, lamb chops and sirloin steak with different kinds of sauces and corn on the cob. Inside, they kept the pizza counters, breads, desserts, cold cuts, sandwiches, tacos and tortilla chips with dips.

Because we were here last year, we felt like the brunch spread has somehow become smaller. But, we can also say that the party vibe has sure gotten bigger.

Where: 3in1 restaurant, Vida Downtown Dubai. When: Fridays, 1pm to 5pm. Cost: Dh308 per person, with unlimited soft beverages or Dh360 per person, with unlimited soft beverages, grapes and beverages.

Atelier M launches new Friday brunch

Fridays at Atelier M have been transformed into day of celebration with the launch of a new brunch – Feathers & Pearls.

Atelier M’s latest brunch concept transports you into the bygone golden era of the 1920’s Hollywood, a time when a secret brunch party turned into one of the most decadent events of the season.

The brunch features live entertainment, delectable dishes served directly to your table and cocktails inspired by Hollywood greats.

Also catch The Brunch AfterParty on the Atelier M Rooftop every Friday from 4pm to 8pm, with two drinks for the price of one from 4pm to 6pm, live party music and a spectacular view of the sunset over the Marina Skyline.

Where: Atelier M, Dubai Marina. When: Fridays, 1pm to 4pm. Price: Dh199 with unlimited soft beverage, Dh399 with unlimited house beverage and Dh599 with unlimited French bubbly.


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