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Not taboo to ask how much people earn in Germany


BERLIN – If it is taboo to ask your colleagues how much they earn, in Germany asking this question is now perfectly fine.

A new law that took effect there in January 6 aims to close the country’s gender pay gap and give employees the right to know how their salary compares with that of colleagues of the opposite gender.

The law is aimed at transparency in hopes that it will reveal whether women are paid less than male peers – and bolster their demands for a pay rise or pave the way for possible legal action.

The new regulations, however, only apply to companies with more than 200 employees. The law also requires businesses with over 500 staff to publish regular updates on salary structures to show they are complying with equal pay rules.

Germany has one of the European Union’s biggest gender wage gaps, with women here earning around 21 percent less than men in 2016, according to official data. GAD/Expat Media


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