The tourist received financial help from the Ajman Police.


Penniless tourist in UAE gets free ticket home


AJMAN – Running out of money and on the verge of becoming an illegal resident, an Arab man who came to the UAE on tourist visa received timely help from authorities.

The man came to the country in hopes of finding a job, but luck was not in his favour and he eventually ran out of money to support his stay here. To make matters worse, he did not have friends or relatives here.

Desperate, the Arab approached the community division of the Ajman Police for help.

The police provided him with travel assistance, including airfare, said Major Dr Mohammad Bin Hazeem Al Suwaidi, Head of community police division at Ajman Police.

Al Suwaidi said that the man was able to travel to his home countryo n Wednesday, and was also given  additional funds to meet his essential needs. DAJ/Expat Media


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