A mosque in Dubai. Picture for illustration purposes only.


Dubai businessman beats up woman in mosque


DUBAI – A 37-year-old Bangladeshi businessman beat up a woman in a mosque in Dubai after she refused to date him, the court heard.

At the Dubai court, the 43-year-old woman said that the man called her and asked her to become his mistress, but that she refused.

The man allegedly claimed that he obtained her number through a cafeteria deliveryman.

“Later he attacked me in the mosque while I was praying… he threw me down on the floor of the mosque and repeatedly punched me,” she told prosecutors, adding that she sustained a broken cheekbone and a bruised eye after the attack.

Policemen apprehended the Bangladeshi businessman after they went to the mosque to investigate.

During police interrogation, the businessman claimed that he had an affair with the woman, but denied beating her.

His case was referred to the public prosecutors who charged him with assault. He pleaded not guilty when he showed up before the Dubai Court of First Instance last week.

The trial continues. DAJ/Expat Media


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