A street in Al Twar, Dubai. Picture for illustration purposes only.


Man jailed for raping Emirati housewife


DUBAI – A 26-year-old Comoros Islands citizen will be spending three years in jail for raping a 40-year-old Emirati housewife in Dubai.

The woman testified that prior to the incident, she had agreed to meet a male Emirati friend at 3am. He invited her for a ride, so she parked her car and got into his vehicle, she said.

He parked the outside the Comoros Island man’s residence in Al Twar, and the latter then approached them, the woman testified.

The woman said that the man talked to them before pulling her out of the car and forcing her into his own vehicle and driving off to another place.

“When I refused to have sex with him, he beat me hard and banged my head on the car window. Then he threatened to kill me before he removed my dress and raped me,” the woman testified.

The man later drove to the Al Mamzar area where he consumed alcohol before dropping her back to her car, the woman said.

When she returned home, she reported the incident to her brothers, who alerted the police. The Comoros Island man was then summoned for questioning.

“After he was summoned for questioning, the 36-year-old [from Comoros Island] alleged that she begged him not to expose her in front of her brothers after he had seen her in the car with the Emirati friend after midnight. He claimed that they only drove around,” a police lieutenant testified.

Public prosecutors accused the Comoros Island national of kidnapping, assault and rape. At the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday, judge Urfan Omar convicted the Comoros Island national guilty of all charges.

The convict will be deported after serving his three-year jail term. He is also expected to stand trial at the Dubai Civil Court to face the Emirati woman’s civil lawsuit. DAJ/Expat Media


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