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‘Pay as you throw garbage’ coming to Dubai soon


DUBAI – Garbage collection in Dubai will soon become a paid service, according to an official of the Waste Management Department.

Abdul Majeed Abdul Aziz Al Saifaie, director of the Waste Management Department, told Gulf News on Sunday that residential and commercial buildings in Dubai will soon be charged for waste collection.

The Dubai Municipality has reportedly decided to outsource the service to the private sector and is expected to announce a proposed gate fee or tipping fee for trucks dumping waste at Dubai’s landfills.

Dubai is currently charging a Dh10 gate fee, while waste collection in the emirate is free.

On the plan to outsource waste collection, the municipality earlier issued a circular saying that building owners or property management companies need to make a contract with municipality-approved private companies before December 1 for collecting and transporting waste to landfills.

Al Saifaei said the plan has been deferred and that the municipality has extended the deadline to a maximum of six months after the tipping fee is announced.

The move to outsource waste collection service in Dubai is expected to happen by mid-2018, the official said, adding that waste collection fee will vary based on zones.

He also said that the municipality will issue guidelines to standardise waste collection charges when the service is handled by private companies.

Al Saifaei said the responsiblity of payment for the new fee will be up to an agreement between building management and tenants. Dubai residents currently pay five percent of their rent as housing fee. DAJ/Expat Media


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