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Pakistani on trial for ‘posting semi-nude photos’ of Filipina in Dubai


DUBAI – A 32-year-old Pakistani man has landed in court for allegedly posting semi-nude photos of his Filipina ex-girlfriend on Facebook.

The 39-year-old Filipina claimed that the Pakistani uploaded her photos and threatened to kill her after she broke up with him in June.

“Once we had problems, he posted on Facebook pictures of me in my underwear at the beach. He had taken those photos when we were together. He slandered me on Facebook messenger and breached my privacy before friends… He also threatened to kill us and have sex with us,” she told prosecutors.

The man was arrested after the Filipina filed a police report, and was referred to the public prosecution.

Prosecutors accused him of misusing Facebook and breaching the Filipina’s privacy by publishing her photos.

On Monday, the Dubai court heared that the Pakistani also cursed the Filipina and her friends in his Facebook posts. The defendant, however, failed to show up in court to enter his plea.

The trial resumes on November 27. DAJ/Expat Media


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