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Abu Dhabi police warn against Dh500,000 prize scam


ABU DHABI – An Arab man lost Dh99,000 in his bank account after he was duped by a scammer who called him to say he won Dh500,000 in a raffle draw.

The fraudster told the victim that he needed payment to process the prize and persuaded the Arab to give his credit card details and pin number.

“The bank customer realised that he was caught in a fake prize trap after the money was withdrawn from his bank account,” said Brigadier Tariq Khalfan Al Ghool, acting director of the Criminal Investigation Department at Abu Dhabi Police.

Police were able to recover the stolen amount following an investigation.

Al Ghool said that the police have received similar complaints, warning people against falling for contest scams and sharing their personal details to strangers. DAJ/Expat Media

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