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The world’s worst place to be a driver is…


DUBAI – A new survey has revealed the best and worst places in the world to be a driver, and the Philippines and the UAE are on that list.

The survey by traffic-beating app Waze named the Philippines as the worst place for drivers, with motorists saying they are unhappy for a lot of reasons.


Waze’s Driver Satisfaction Index 2017, released on Friday, showed the Philippines at the bottom of a list of 39 countries.


The survey was conducted in areas where Waze has more than 40,000 monthly active users.

The index considered factors like traffic density, road safety, access to gas stations and parking, road quality, access to cars and gas prices, and the helpfulness of fellow motorists.

The Philippines landed last the survey with a score of 3.02 in the 2017 index, down from 3.13 last year.

Filipino drivers said they were unhappy with traffic density on the roads, as well as poor levels of road safety, road quality and access to driver services.

The UAE, meanwhile, ranked in eight among ten of the world’s best places to be a motorist.

Authorities in the UAE have spent billions of dirhams on expanding its road networks, with stringent traffic rules in place to curb road accidents.

Top 10 worst countries for drivers

10. Singapore
9. Colombia
8. Guatemala
7. Ukraine
6. Panama
5. Russia
4. Indonesia
3. El Salvador
2. Dominican Republic
1. Philippines

Top 10 best places for drivers

10. Hungary
9. Sweden
8. UAE
7. Slovakia
6. Spain
5. Belgium
4. Czech Republic
3. US
2. France
1. Netherlands


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