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10 words you shouldn’t put in your CV


DUBAI – If you’re on a job hunt, the first thing that is going to put your foot in the door is your curriculum vitae (CV).

Depending on how you’ve put it together, your CV tells your prospective employer a lot about you and how you might be fit for the role. Consider it your spokesperson on paper.

But does your spokesperson have the right words that are going to put you in your prospective employer’s good books?

According to recent study by social networking website, LinkedIn, there are certain overused, boring and tiring “buzzwords” that you need to avoid in order to get some attention.

Fluff phrases don’t deliver impact compared to using specific examples. Instead of saying “extensive experience” in your field of work, you can include the number of years you’ve spent in your line of work and the specific milestones you have hit.

What other buzzwords could make you lose your chance of getting that dream job? Here are the top 10, according to LinkedIn:

1. Motivated

2. Dynamic

3. Creative

4. Extensive experience

5. Track record

6. Responsible

7. Driven

8. Passionate

9. Strategic

10. Enthusiastic


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